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Fall Into A Routine

weathered wood background with a couple of vintage dumbbells and winter squash

When it comes to working out, training, or just getting motivated to be healthy, getting the routine down can be the hardest part, not the actual workouts, or eating. It all starts with a little motivation and a plan.  Now that summer is about over, starting a simple routine for fall is perfect timing.

First and foremost, plan to have breakfast!  Everything revolves around how the body and mind feel. Even if it is on the smaller side such as an egg and slice of whole wheat toast, breakfast allows the body to start its metabolism in full force for the day.  When the body gets those calories (energy) regardless if you are training that day or not, your blood sugar, your blood pressure, and of course your muscles will feel more energized by having less of the mid-morning or mid-day crash. By the time it’s lunch time, for many it might be the first large meal of the day, and without a proper meal to kick start your day it can be very taxing on the body when you want to achieve results. Starting the day with breakfast comes with the mindset set the night before.  Once you are up and doing your morning routine make sure to have something to eat, and that is the first step to a healthier routine. Plus with winter coming around the corner, breakfast means more eating…yay!

After you make breakfast a part of your everyday routine, your body will have a stronger equilibrium and that is where the training and workouts will become more efficient. A proper workout takes a little less than an hour. Look at it this way, there are 24 hours in a day.  About an hour of that every other day for yourself is all that is required for the body’s equilibrium to accept and benefit from exercise. For training and health purposes, the most crucial part of any physical activity will be a proper warmup and stretching.  Warming up allows your heart rate to elevate and to get the blood and oxygen flowing. Your stability and equilibrium will increase inside and out allowing you not to just training harder, but by being more efficient.  Getting into the routine of taking those ten minutes to warm up and stretch is essential.  Don’t worry, it will become like second nature to you. Your body will respond more efficiently on a daily basis.

Starting these routines in the fall season might seem a little more difficult, but really it’s the best time. Starting the day with breakfast and having the body be engaged in a full warm up and stretch before any workout will take hold by winter.  The winter season is for learning what works for breakfast and what health and fitness goals would be ideal.  This would make the spring season a great season to push for the next summer goals and be at the level desired. All by starting with a little simple routine in the morning. Your health and fitness goals now have become part of your daily routine, which has turned from a seasonal mentality to an annual one. It all starts with just one little routine and falling into it!