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My Fitness Zone worked for them and it will work for you!

  • We bring truth to the fads and trends through education.
  • We are able to help, motivate and guide our members to success by living and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • We help our members stay on the right path to fulfill their health and fitness goals by creating an unwavering and unchanging lifestyle.
  • We motivate the unmotivated.
  • We inspire the uninspired.
  • We are all responsible for each other’s success.
  • We welcome you into our home because we believe that family is of fundamental importance.
  • We are so passionate and committed to your success that you will not leave our facility until we turn that frown upside down.

Kyle has done so much for me that I don’t know where to start really. In the last 3 years, he has made me healthier, created a newphoto 5 sense of confidence and a complete and utter love of everything that has to do with getting and staying healthy. I have learned that being healthy is not an easy thing to accomplish, it is definetely a complete lifestyle change but if you are determined and stick with it and you do what your trainer tells you to do, it is more than totally worth it. I say that because of the results that I have seen from doing exactly that.

About 4 years ago, I was 173lbs. I didn’t see a change until I understood that what I was doing wasn’t working so maybe listening to someone who knows more than me might be a good choice. So I started listening to what Kyle said, did all the exercises and cardio that he told me to do whether I was with him or not. He made start writing down everything I ate in a food log. These two things put together and all the confidence and inspiration he gave me was what made me change my life for good. I have lost all the weight and am now at a point where I am a Figure Competitor. But even though I have come to this level of fitness, I still can’t do it on my own and without continuing to journal my food daily and following all direction that Kyle continues to give me, it would be very easy to fall back into bad life habits. Without the help that Kyle has given me in all areas of life, I never would have even thought about competing. Being healthy is a choice that takes commitment and determination. It’s not easy but I would say YES to it all over again!

I am a 41 year old mother of 3 kids ages 17, 14 & 11, a wife, friend , sister, nina and care provider. I drivMonie carpool in the afternoons, attend soccer games and cross country meets at the high school. I attend football practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays and games on Saturdays. Now with all that when in the heck do I have time for me? NEVER!!!

It all started when I decided in October of 2010 to take someone up on a dare and I began my “couch to half marathon” journey. At a hefty 210lbs, I ran it in 3:20 minutes with pain everywhere and vowed to never do it again. Well fast forward to today January 2013, I have 22 runs under my belt. I lost weight and then in January 2013 I hit a plateau. Without knowing I had lost a total of 38 lbs, my body was becoming conditioned and I wouldn’t drop a pound.

I decided that I needed to do something more to break the plateau, something besides running. I met Judith at a boot camp in January 2013. I went 3 times a week and I was sore every day. She would challenge me and give me more and more telling me I could do it…I was a beast. After week 3 I began to not feel sore. I was on an adrenaline high, I actually liked the exercise.

It was in May of 2013 when I decided that I wanted her all to myself and went the personal trainer route. I was in for it. We took measurements and weighed in. EEEK! We even took pictures. I began to follow her instruction, I was dedicated, I managed to make time for myself and still be the person I described above. As much as I wanted to lie in bed on my days off I get up at 6:30 am, I would eat, get dressed and go train. Judith has taught me how to push myself and take things to the next level. I have struggled with bad knees, tennis elbow, achy shoulder and each time I have an (excuse) she accommodates my injury ache pain and we push through it. In 12 weeks I noticed major changes; my body fat percentage dropped 6%, my inches fell, my weight dropped and I felt fabulous. The entire time she encouraged me to eat well gave me a diet and of course being the stubborn know-it-all-girl that I am, I didn’t listen to the “eating right” part.

Bamm…October 2013 plateau again! Judith convinces me it’s a combo of FOOD and EXERCISE. I try the meal plan and guess what??…the pounds come off!! I am a believer! Not only was I diabetic with triglycerides in the 270 range, I am now normal with lab values showing 132 triglycerides and cholesterol at normal levels. All this from DIET AND EXERCISE!!

With all the training on my core, I have endurance beyond belief, I just completed 48.6 mile run of 4 days!!

I look forward to spending the 2014 reaching new goals with Judith and Israel and learning more about my body and what I can do! I feel like a new woman at 41!! Thank you Judith and Israel for all the knowledge you have given me. “embrace it”…. “feel the burn, love the burn”…….

As much as I was hesitant to write this, as a Fitness Professional I should be HAPPY and PROUD to share my personal before and after pictures and my personal accomplishments……

I’m just not comfortable with putting myself in the spotlight….

My name is Judith and I’ve been in the Health and Fitness field for almost 14 years now. I always managed to keep myself in rather decent shape until I decided to “climb the corporate ladder” by chasing upper management positions with corporate gyms. In this process, by focusing on advancing my career, I completely put MYSELF on the back burner; my energy dropped significantly so my workouts were not where they used to be, stress levels skyrocketed, and my nutrition was NO where near where it was supposed to be (sound at all familiar to anyone?).I found myself hiding under big clothes…. I tried avoiding taking pictures and/or videos…. I wasn’t feeling confident anymore…. I didn’t feel happy about myself anymore…. My energy was diminishing…..But something changed….Summer of 2012, I decided that I needed a personal challenge. I considered doing a bikini competition. In Fall of 2012, my fiance, Israel, competed in his First Bodybuilding how. I told him I would diet with him. I did….partially….and lost inches…It felt good again…I felt good again! Then the day of his show, I saw women on stage and I can recall saying “I can totally do that…” and “I can look like that”. That’s when my journey truly began….

Since my decision to compete in bikini in June of 2013, I went from 134lbs to 109lbs for the competition to 118lbs today (yep, been putting in some work in that weight room)! My program has changed as my body continues to change: I didn’t have to gain over 20 pounds in order for me to gain LBM (muscle), I just made it a point to take care of my metabolism by keeping my nutrition clean. Even though I am currently using Creatine to help my efforts in the gym, I didn’t have to preload Creatine (my kidneys, liver and pancreas sure are thankful I didn’t do that). My cardio has been at an all time low (less than 30 minute bouts for less than 3 times per week). I’m lifting heavier than I’ve ever have before: squats, Deadlifts, lunges, rows, pull ups, pull downs, leg extensions, etc….(but, you don’t really want to know the details, right?). Although I do have a desire to compete again, I’m not rushing to get back on stage (for competing does not define me…..). I have other things to work on in order for me to be able to be a stronger competitor.

At the end of the day, the one point I would like to get across is this….no matter who you are and/or what you do, we ALL have goals that we want to accomplish. It all requires a certain level of commitment, sacrifice, dedication, drive, and discipline. We all need to identify what we need to and want to fix…..and sometimes we need help in setting up a process, and that is ok! I was humbled when it came to hypertrophy training thanks to Israel, and I probably couldn’t do it without his help. Yes, even Fitness Professionals need some help! So….is there a way I CAN HELP YOU??!

I began training with Judith in January of 2013. I had always lived an active lifestyle, however during the last five years while in college I gained a significant amount of weight. Throughout the years I made multiple attempts at losing weight by constantly trying different diets, fitness programs, gyms, etc. My experience at My Fitness Zone changed my life. For the first time in the last five years, I have stuck to working out for more then a couple of weeks. On January of 2014, it will be my one year anniversary of training with Judith. Usually I would quit because I either got bored or didn’t see results. I feel that my success is due to the fact that Israel and Judith are wonderful trainers who actually have an interest in their clients well being. They go beyond what most trainers would. They make sure you finish the last rep and constantly push and motivate you. They literally are the whole package in one (trainer, coach, nutritionist, therapist!). They provide a fun environment that makes you want to keep coming back, which is why I always call My Fitness Zone “my sanctuary”. My Fitness Zone is unlike any other big corporate gym. You never have to wait to use a machine and everyone is always helping each other out. It feels like a family/team sport in there. During my time there I have accomplished more then I ever thought I was capable of accomplishing. When I first began training with Judith, I couldn’t even run for two minutes or do any sorts of high intense workouts. During this year, I was able to train and complete my first half marathon and I could not have done this without the guidance of Judith. I have found the inner athlete in me again. Most importantly, I feel that I have found myself again because for the first time in a long time, I gained my self esteem back and feel happy with the person that I am.

Although I am far from were I want to be, Judith and Israel have given me the tools that will help me lead a healthy lifestyle. They are truly professionals and coming to them was the best decision I could of ever made!